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Sandy Hook, continued: He Crossed the Line

Yet another piece on the Sandy Hook massacre. Yes, I call it what it IS, gang.wpid-12-1.jpg

Because, let’s face it…this picture above (disturbing and somewhat inappropriate, I admit) sums up the feeling we all have right now.

If this offends you, tough shit. Meanwhile, read the blog I reposted.

Sandy Hook, Connecticut

Sandy Hook, Connecticut (Photo credit: Dougtone)

Monica's Tangled Web

Yesterday, someone asked me if I was having a good weekend. I said yes, but that wasn’t entirely true.

I was sad. So sad, and I’m sure you know why. In fact, like many of you I spent most of Friday in various stages of sorrow and tears. How could this be? Who can explain what happened?

And, how can life go on in the face of such tragedy?

In the early hours of Friday morning, I had written a post about commercials. This was before the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.  Many of you were kind enough to comment, and the comments trickled in throughout the weekend.

But, I found it very hard to respond to your comments, as suddenly a post about ads and soup seemed trivial and inconsequential. I couldn’t even bring myself to visit my blog. I just didn’t have it in me.

Another asked if I…

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Religion fucks you up EVERY time

Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts,...

Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts, 2008 US presidential candidate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I’m sitting and writing this, the news is filled with the murders of the American ambassador to Libya and 3 security people. This, the direct result of a violent reaction to a film which casts the prophet Mohammed in a less-than-flattering light.
And all this, eleven years after 9/11. It should not be lost on anyone when this shit happened.
But instead of uniting as one nation to condemn this act of cowardice, what are we doing? Engaging in a “fuck you” contest, courtesy of our politicians. No wonder I use a hashtag on Twitter that says, #GodNeverGaveAFuckAboutAmerica.
Because let’s face it. If God really didgive a fuck…would there have been a Civil War? Would 6 million Jews/Gypsies/gays have been marched into the ovens at Auschwitz/Dachau/Buchenwald?

The former Kingdom of Libya's flag is being us...

The former Kingdom of Libya’s flag is being used by the National Conference. NCLO website (retrieved 23 March 2011) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

More importantly…would 9/11 have happened in the first fucking place?
No one can outlaw religion in this country. Even I realize that. We can, however, put it in its proper place…mainly, the churches/mosques/synagogues. And keep it out of our political and educational systems. And, out of broadcasting. Especially broadcasting.


Think we can get these two clusterfucks to understand those last two lines?


Yeah, you’re right. They won’t.
And therein lies the problem. A nigger with a Muslim middle name, and a Mormon. See what I mean when I say religion fucks you up every motherfucking time?
Makes you want to do this, right?


But we started off this piece talking about the murders in Libya, right? Meanwhile, “Chicken” Mitt Romney is on CNN right now (10:20 am) trying to turn this into political gain at Barry Obama’s expense.
And the band plays on…


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You really WANT 4 more years of Barry Obama, DON’T you?

This retweet says it better than anything I could ever say…don’t you agree?
RT @KatrinaNation RT @steveweinstein: How to get the young people out to vote: GOP is against birth control! #votedem #p2
Just so you know, America, I have NO intention of voting for Barry Obama…but I’m also sure as shit not voting for these religious scum MASQUERADING as Republican “candidates”!!
We’re fucked as a nation when THESE are your choices come November. Think on that…and then tell me I’m wrong!

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“Occupy WordPress”, perhaps?

Photo of musician Hank Williams, Jr. in concer...

Image via Wikipedia

     Holy shit, it has been awhile since I wrote on this particular blog, hasn’t it? LMMFAO

     Seriously, though, I just hadn’t gotten around to finding a topic worth writing about. But events this week changed all that…and they both tie into this rant I have today.

     Ladies and gentlemen, this country is F-U-C-K-E-D U-P!! Plain and simple.

     So where do I begin? Okay, how about the fact we won’t hear “Are You Ready for Some Football??” any more?

     Full disclosure: I’d gladly go to a Hank Williams Jr. concert any time…simply because the man don’t give a shit what anyone thinks of him. Having said that, comparing Barry Obama and John Boehner on the golf course to having Hitler and the PM of Israel taking (golf) swings together is going a tad too far. (Saying it on Fox News, was his second mistake.)

     Then again, you have to remember Bocephus showed up at a McCain rally in ’08 (in Hampton, VA)–so his political bent AIN’T A FUCKING SECRET, people!! Still, for ESPN to yank the opening (permanently, as we know now) smacks of political correctness run amok.

     Which brings us to the “Occupy (fill in the blank)” movement taking hold across America. Truth be told, it’s the tea-bagging fascist movement ass-backwards. And yet, I understand their intent. Remember, Georgie Bush Junior let Lehman Brothers/Wachovia/GM/Chrysler/Merrill Lynch/Bank of America/etc. go belly-up (or damn near, in some cases)…and then decided to bail all of these scumbags out.

     And in 3 years, Barry Obama never HAS done a fucking thing to change that attitude. Credit card reform? Fuck you, Barry!!! When I have to get extra money out at the end of the month, B of A slaps a fucking $11.50 fee for using my card at my local bank’s ATM machine. (My bank ISN’T Bank of America, btw.) Now of course, B of A is in the news for stiffing their customers who use debit cards by slapping a $5 fee/month charge regardless of how many times they use the card. Assholes.

     (Wonder what Citibank–who issue my Sears Mastercard–is gonna charge me for using their card to get money out?? Fucking shitmeisters…)

     At any rate, I fully get what these Occupy people are doing. PEACEFUL gatherings in New York City (and D.C.), to rail against Wall Street and the federal government…and politicians. But am I really part of “the 99 percent”?

     (I know I’m not the 1 percent, that’s for fucking sure. I get a SSI check at the 1st of the month.)

     Like I said at the start of this entry, we’re fucked as a nation/society/culture. Makes me wonder why CNN won’t pull out from their archives a piece (back in ’97, I believe) Bruce Morton did that talked about the loss of civility in America. They need to update the fucker, to be honest.

     A LOT!!

     Oh, one final thing. If any of you are buying this bullshit about Sarah Palin dropping out of the GOP presidential race…you’re BIGGER fucking morons than I already think you are. The tea-baggers want to mount a third-party challenge (which’ll insure Barry Obama 4 more years), and she’s it.

     I finally figured out why this cunt scares America (and me). Take the glasses off her, and who does she look like? Dawn Wells. That’s right, kiddies, Mary Ann from “Gilligan’s Island”. Think I bullshit? Compare ’em next time the castaways are on TV.

     You’ll see I’m RIGHT. Man, that’s a fucking frightening thought…ain’t it?

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Can we say “pain in the fucking ass”, everybody?

Main Hospital of the Medical Center at the Uni...

Image via Wikipedia

     I don’t know which is worse…putting somebody in the hospital, or waiting on them to come home?

     Where do I begin?

     For the past 2 weeks, my mom’s been @ the University of Virginia Medical Center recovering from heart surgery. Actually, the surgery–to replace an aortic valve and 1 or 2 clogged arteries–was on the 2nd of September. So from a physical standpoint, she’s fine.


     She still needs to do physical therapy (to strengthen the muscles around her heart), hopefully @ our local hospital here in Luray, VA. Before that happens, the people @ UVA have to make sure she’s up to the ride over there.

     THAT’S where the fucking aggravation has kicked in. It should’ve been a week ago tomorrow. As of my writing this (almost 5:30 p.m. Eastern time, September 12th), she’s now back in her room.

     And there’s no telling when they’ll release her. One motherfucking setback after another…

     (Lucky for me I paid my cell phone bill today. Text messages from family keep me informed…but at $.20/message, it’s a miracle I can afford to pay the bill.)

     If this is a sneak preview of ObamaCare, why don’t we just go ahead and build a scale model of Auschwitz/Dachau/Buchenwald and march everybody into the fucking ovens? Don’t make a shit whether it’s Barry Obama or the fucking tea-bagging fascists controlling the House of Representatives; it’s the same fucking thing…kill all the old people.

     Think I’m making this shit up? Talk to me when YOUR loved one(s) are sitting in a hospital, cocksuckers!!

     I better stop now; I’m getting pissed off all over again…

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