Knowing what NOT to do…

I’ve now learned something about Google Plus–where I have page(s), under my REAL name.
When it comes to the subject of nudity, there are absolutely NO FUCKING FILTERS WHATSOEVER!!
You have to understand how this works. On Flickr, they allow oneself to prevent nude pictures from being seen by those who are easily offended by giving you the option to make them private.
Google + doesn’t have that.
So I offer up this advisory via this blog entry, to give anyone thinking of doing something stupid a heads-up…before you DO something stupid!!
Think of it as my “public service announcement”…lol

Postscript: the post in question was taken down this morning–not by Google, but by the person who put it up in the first place.

Yours truly.

It was an experiment to see what Google’s policy was…and all it did was to point out Google’s failure to protect those who wish to keep their private lives just that, PRIVATE!!

Thanks go out to the people at All Nudist ( for alerting me to this loose attitude Goggle has towards privacy. Because of them, I took down the post.

So now you know what not to do on Google+…LMAO


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Celebrity Naturist of the Year 2011: Heidi Klum

Just something to occupy your time…LMAO

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A new “litmus test” for America

English: Tim Tebow, a player on the Denver Bro...

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     Under normal circumstances, I’d write this on my other WP blog. However, this ain’t normal circumstances. Let me explain…

     By now everyone knows the “Tebow-mania” bullshit bandwagon got derailed last night (1/14) courtesy of–dare I say this??–the New England Patriots. KEE-rist, was this a pimp-smack or what? But the game isn’t what I want to talk about, though.

     It’s the place religion should be in our society I want to enlighten you assholes on.

     Before I start. let me make one thing absolutely clear: Tim Tebow has talent. It won’t make him a superstar on the level of Tom Brady/Aaron Rodgers/the Manning brothers/etc., but I will go as far to say the kid has talent.


     There is a time/place/format for religion in this country. I don’t mind if an athlete chooses to kneel and pray before or after a game (or if someone is injured during the game). I understand that. But, does this fucking religious scumbag have to embarrass himself and the Broncos (let alone the NFL) by kneeling EVERY MOTHERFUCKING TIME he makes a touchdown?

     And if this wasn’t enough for America, we had to be subjected to CBS Sports’ bending over for the biggest fucking homophobic organization known to mankind–“Focus on the Family”, the James Dobson people. You’ve seen the “ad”; kids reciting John 3:16.

     (At this point, I need to remind everyone that this shithole Dobson bought airtime when CBS broadcast their most recent Super Bowl a few years ago…you know, the one where the “Mile-High Messiah” basically said “Oh thank you Mommy for not aborting my sorry, pathetic ass!!“. Why CBS didn’t reject this piece of shit outright a mystery to me.)

     Now when this shithole of an “ad” aired in the 2nd quarter, the score was 14-7 Patriots. Anybody remember the final score? LMMFAO

     Let me tell you the Twitterverse was “off the hook” last night. I never saw such masochistic glee over this one little game…hey, full disclosure; I participated in the fucker…as I saw last night. America got fucking payback for this religious scumbag’s moralizing!!

     Then I realized something.

     What happened last night on Twitter, is only a microcosm of the divide we have in this country as concerns religion’s place in our society. And so, ladies and gentlemen, herewith my take on the subject:

Religion has NO FUCKING PLACE in our educational/political/broadcasting system(s). PERIOD!!

     (Now, unless we’re talking about the history of religions of the world, the previous statement stands.)

     Sadly we’re going to be subjected to more of this bullshit, masquerading as the GOP primaries. Religion belongs in the churches/synagogues/mosques, NOT on our airwaves!!

     (Thankfully these blogs are linked to Twitter…so you shitbrains can read this. Also, Yahoo updates as well…lol)

     Anyway, that’s all I need to say.

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“War” on Christmas? Who are WE bullshitting?

     If it’s December, ladies and gentlemen, it must mean we’re into the annual “discussion” as to whether to say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” to anyone.

     People, let me set your pathetic asses straight, all right? It does NOT make a rat’s ass what you say. The only people making a stink about this, are the fucking religious terrorists who want to shove their warped sense of morality down your moronic throats.

     But time and time again, just like the French in 1940, you buy into this shitpile.

     And then you wonder why an overwhelming MAJORITY of Americans despise Christmas…

     I mean, when radio stations start playing Christmas music TWO MOTHERFUCKING WEEKS BEFORE THANKSGIVING…can you understand my point? Can you?

     At any rate, enjoy your holidays, gang. (And that ain’t bullshit, either!!)

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Maybe I should refrain from using “fuck” for awhile…lol

Penn State Nittany Lions head coach Joe Patern...

Image via Wikipedia

     Between the Penn State scandal and Herman Cain‘s inability to keep his mouth (and zipper) shut, should I really  using the word “fuck” right now?

     Oh, FUCK YES, people!!! LMMFAO

     Now that I got the humor (??) out of the way, I can turn to talking about these two matters in a serious manner. Be forewarned, though; I’m not gonna mince words here.

     So let’s begin with the “Manchurian Kingfish”, shall we? (That’s what Herman Cain is to me. Google “Amos and Andy” if you want to know what I mean.) This fucking jive-ass Uncle Tom is further proof, ladies and gentlemen, that the Republican Party is doomed to extinction. First the tea-bagging fascists, and now this shitmouth.

     Let’s see now, is it 4 or 5 (or more?) women you’ve harrassed, Kingfish? Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t shoving a woman’s head towards a man’s crotch considered assault in some states? Seriously?? I mean if I did this shit, my ass would be behind bars  by now.

     But the right-wing “media” gives this goddamned Uncle Tom a free pass. Go figure…

     Meanwhile, so-called “mainstream” media felt it fit to destroy Joe Paterno–even though HE wasn’t the one ramming his dick up a 10-year-old’s ass. The moral responsibility from JoePa is sorely lacking, I’ll grant everyone that. But for the Big 10 to take his name off the championship trophy borders on the anal-retentive, don’t you think?

     Don’t get me wrong. Jerry Sandusky is way the fuck past pedophilia; shit, this scumbag deserves lifetime membership in NAMBLA (the National Man-Boy Love Association) to be honest with you. Am I wrong here? They have this abhorrent behavior traced as far back as 1998; now I’m hearing as far as ’96. Holy fucking shit, when does it end?

     And then this piece of octopus shit calls into Brian Williams’ newsmagazine show “Rock Center” the other night…and ALL BUT FUCKING CONFESSES he likes young boys!! Ah, but this is the appetizer, boys and girls…

     Because in this corner, we have this pussy Mike McCreary. Here this goddamned turdburglar watches Sandusky rape a 10-year-old up the ass (in ’02)…and instead of calling Child Protective Services (let alone the State College [PA] or PSU campus police), he calls his DADDY?? And then…JoePa??

     Now he runs around saying “no, I stopped it”. All right, pussy, which is the lie? That you watched it, or stopped it? Did you lie to the grand jury in ’02, or are you lying now?

     Pursuit of the almighty dollar by the NCAA. THAT’S why this happened. A coverup of the highest order to protect a NAMBLA candidate, and a (once) highly respected football coach loses that respect with America…not to mention the Penn State community.

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“Occupy WordPress”, perhaps?

Photo of musician Hank Williams, Jr. in concer...

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     Holy shit, it has been awhile since I wrote on this particular blog, hasn’t it? LMMFAO

     Seriously, though, I just hadn’t gotten around to finding a topic worth writing about. But events this week changed all that…and they both tie into this rant I have today.

     Ladies and gentlemen, this country is F-U-C-K-E-D U-P!! Plain and simple.

     So where do I begin? Okay, how about the fact we won’t hear “Are You Ready for Some Football??” any more?

     Full disclosure: I’d gladly go to a Hank Williams Jr. concert any time…simply because the man don’t give a shit what anyone thinks of him. Having said that, comparing Barry Obama and John Boehner on the golf course to having Hitler and the PM of Israel taking (golf) swings together is going a tad too far. (Saying it on Fox News, was his second mistake.)

     Then again, you have to remember Bocephus showed up at a McCain rally in ’08 (in Hampton, VA)–so his political bent AIN’T A FUCKING SECRET, people!! Still, for ESPN to yank the opening (permanently, as we know now) smacks of political correctness run amok.

     Which brings us to the “Occupy (fill in the blank)” movement taking hold across America. Truth be told, it’s the tea-bagging fascist movement ass-backwards. And yet, I understand their intent. Remember, Georgie Bush Junior let Lehman Brothers/Wachovia/GM/Chrysler/Merrill Lynch/Bank of America/etc. go belly-up (or damn near, in some cases)…and then decided to bail all of these scumbags out.

     And in 3 years, Barry Obama never HAS done a fucking thing to change that attitude. Credit card reform? Fuck you, Barry!!! When I have to get extra money out at the end of the month, B of A slaps a fucking $11.50 fee for using my card at my local bank’s ATM machine. (My bank ISN’T Bank of America, btw.) Now of course, B of A is in the news for stiffing their customers who use debit cards by slapping a $5 fee/month charge regardless of how many times they use the card. Assholes.

     (Wonder what Citibank–who issue my Sears Mastercard–is gonna charge me for using their card to get money out?? Fucking shitmeisters…)

     At any rate, I fully get what these Occupy people are doing. PEACEFUL gatherings in New York City (and D.C.), to rail against Wall Street and the federal government…and politicians. But am I really part of “the 99 percent”?

     (I know I’m not the 1 percent, that’s for fucking sure. I get a SSI check at the 1st of the month.)

     Like I said at the start of this entry, we’re fucked as a nation/society/culture. Makes me wonder why CNN won’t pull out from their archives a piece (back in ’97, I believe) Bruce Morton did that talked about the loss of civility in America. They need to update the fucker, to be honest.

     A LOT!!

     Oh, one final thing. If any of you are buying this bullshit about Sarah Palin dropping out of the GOP presidential race…you’re BIGGER fucking morons than I already think you are. The tea-baggers want to mount a third-party challenge (which’ll insure Barry Obama 4 more years), and she’s it.

     I finally figured out why this cunt scares America (and me). Take the glasses off her, and who does she look like? Dawn Wells. That’s right, kiddies, Mary Ann from “Gilligan’s Island”. Think I bullshit? Compare ’em next time the castaways are on TV.

     You’ll see I’m RIGHT. Man, that’s a fucking frightening thought…ain’t it?

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Can we say “pain in the fucking ass”, everybody?

Main Hospital of the Medical Center at the Uni...

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     I don’t know which is worse…putting somebody in the hospital, or waiting on them to come home?

     Where do I begin?

     For the past 2 weeks, my mom’s been @ the University of Virginia Medical Center recovering from heart surgery. Actually, the surgery–to replace an aortic valve and 1 or 2 clogged arteries–was on the 2nd of September. So from a physical standpoint, she’s fine.


     She still needs to do physical therapy (to strengthen the muscles around her heart), hopefully @ our local hospital here in Luray, VA. Before that happens, the people @ UVA have to make sure she’s up to the ride over there.

     THAT’S where the fucking aggravation has kicked in. It should’ve been a week ago tomorrow. As of my writing this (almost 5:30 p.m. Eastern time, September 12th), she’s now back in her room.

     And there’s no telling when they’ll release her. One motherfucking setback after another…

     (Lucky for me I paid my cell phone bill today. Text messages from family keep me informed…but at $.20/message, it’s a miracle I can afford to pay the bill.)

     If this is a sneak preview of ObamaCare, why don’t we just go ahead and build a scale model of Auschwitz/Dachau/Buchenwald and march everybody into the fucking ovens? Don’t make a shit whether it’s Barry Obama or the fucking tea-bagging fascists controlling the House of Representatives; it’s the same fucking thing…kill all the old people.

     Think I’m making this shit up? Talk to me when YOUR loved one(s) are sitting in a hospital, cocksuckers!!

     I better stop now; I’m getting pissed off all over again…

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“Quakicane Week” is almost over…lol

Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf of Mexico near i...

Image via Wikipedia

     If it’s not one fucking natural disaster, it’s another. First I live through an earthquake (which they hadn’t seen in Virginia since…1897??) and now the remnants of Hurricane Irene will show up here in the Shenandoah Valley sometime tomorrow (Saturday) night.

     First, the earthquake…

     So here I was Tuesday afternoon, watching TV, when all of a sudden the floor starts vibrating…and my computer desk starts swaying from side to side. (Thankfully I wasn’t online.) After about 20 seconds or so, it stops. A minute after that, I finally decide to go outside.

     After my next door neighbor and me exchange looks over just what the fuck just happened, I go back in and find out (on the TV) an earthquake struck in Mineral, VA–40 miles ENE of Charlottesville, and 50 miles NNW of Richmond. Lucky for us, the Blue Ridge Mountains served as a sort of buffer to lessen the severity westward.

     Still, they felt rumblings in Chicago…and Halifax, Nova Scotia. Must’ve been quite a shock (no pun intended…LMAO) to them Canadians, I reckon.

     We can laugh now (3 days after the fact), but it goes to show you we here on the East Coast shouldn’t take things for granted. Which brings us to…the hurricane.

     It ain’t Katrina, but it might be pretty damn close. At any rate, I’m glad I don’t hit the ‘puter on Saturdays.

     (Oh, the title of this piece? From a text message my brother sent me this morning…and as his 2nd text message says, “Now where are the horde of locusts??” Me, I’m looking around for a fucking volcano…LMMFAO)

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An introduction IS in order, I guess

In plain English, here’s what this blog is all about:
ANYTHING pertaining to society, politics, is fair game for me.
(And I promise, I’ll NOT do any dick jokes about Anthony Weiner and the Twitter pic…at least not yet, anyway!! LMMFAO)
Anyway, when the need warrants it, I’ll write something here. Till then…

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