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Hi-yo, Silver!! New sheriff in town…

I’ll say this for Adam Silver, the new NBA commissioner. The man ain’t afraid to make the hard decisions that need to be made to protect the integrity of the game.


Kicking Donald Sterling out…for life!!…took balls. (Sorry for using that, gang, but I gotta be honest.) A statement had to be made, for sure. I for one didn’t expect this drastic a statement.


Let me state for the record, I don’t envy Adam Silver’s job. You get paid to make hard decisions. He didn’t want to do this, believe me. But there weren’t any other options, given the circumstances.


Judging from the tweets I’m seeing (on ESPN), this is meeting with overwhelming approval from the sporting world. As it should
That’s all I need to say. You should be applauded, Mr. Silver, for doing the honorable thing.


On behalf of Wizards fans, I say thank you. To Donald Sterling…well, I’ll let this sum up my feeling toward you:


Thank you.

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