You really WANT 4 more years of Barry Obama, DON’T you?

This retweet says it better than anything I could ever say…don’t you agree?
RT @KatrinaNation RT @steveweinstein: How to get the young people out to vote: GOP is against birth control! #votedem #p2
Just so you know, America, I have NO intention of voting for Barry Obama…but I’m also sure as shit not voting for these religious scum MASQUERADING as Republican “candidates”!!
We’re fucked as a nation when THESE are your choices come November. Think on that…and then tell me I’m wrong!

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2 responses to “You really WANT 4 more years of Barry Obama, DON’T you?

  1. Well put, well said. The fact is that if you’re looking to WHAT Democracy “IS” look at the country that made the first prototype, GREECE. We’ve done in 200 plus years what they did in TWO-THOUSAND. Look where they are now, and look what’s happened to this nation in the past twelve years. Everything has a “life-span” our ‘life-STYLE’ accelerated too many parts for “the machine” to run at the pace it has. WE need to slow many things down, or stop them altogether. Then we won’t have so many “bad” choices to “LIVE WITH”.
    “D”/ om

    • gonastynats

      Truth is, what America really needs is a third (or fourth) major party. Tea-bagging fascists don’t count.
      They’re the REAL evil in this country.

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