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A fucked-up world

As I’m writing this (on my cell phone), CNN is on.
They’re talking about Whitney Houston’s death. It ain’t bullshit, gang.
First Don Cornelius, the creator/host of “Soul Train”, commits suicide. Now this.
Is the world THIS fucked-up? Anybody got an answer for me?

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You really WANT 4 more years of Barry Obama, DON’T you?

This retweet says it better than anything I could ever say…don’t you agree?
RT @KatrinaNation RT @steveweinstein: How to get the young people out to vote: GOP is against birth control! #votedem #p2
Just so you know, America, I have NO intention of voting for Barry Obama…but I’m also sure as shit not voting for these religious scum MASQUERADING as Republican “candidates”!!
We’re fucked as a nation when THESE are your choices come November. Think on that…and then tell me I’m wrong!

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