Knowing what NOT to do…

I’ve now learned something about Google Plus–where I have page(s), under my REAL name.
When it comes to the subject of nudity, there are absolutely NO FUCKING FILTERS WHATSOEVER!!
You have to understand how this works. On Flickr, they allow oneself to prevent nude pictures from being seen by those who are easily offended by giving you the option to make them private.
Google + doesn’t have that.
So I offer up this advisory via this blog entry, to give anyone thinking of doing something stupid a heads-up…before you DO something stupid!!
Think of it as my “public service announcement”…lol

Postscript: the post in question was taken down this morning–not by Google, but by the person who put it up in the first place.

Yours truly.

It was an experiment to see what Google’s policy was…and all it did was to point out Google’s failure to protect those who wish to keep their private lives just that, PRIVATE!!

Thanks go out to the people at All Nudist ( for alerting me to this loose attitude Goggle has towards privacy. Because of them, I took down the post.

So now you know what not to do on Google+…LMAO


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