“War” on Christmas? Who are WE bullshitting?

     If it’s December, ladies and gentlemen, it must mean we’re into the annual “discussion” as to whether to say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” to anyone.

     People, let me set your pathetic asses straight, all right? It does NOT make a rat’s ass what you say. The only people making a stink about this, are the fucking religious terrorists who want to shove their warped sense of morality down your moronic throats.

     But time and time again, just like the French in 1940, you buy into this shitpile.

     And then you wonder why an overwhelming MAJORITY of Americans despise Christmas…

     I mean, when radio stations start playing Christmas music TWO MOTHERFUCKING WEEKS BEFORE THANKSGIVING…can you understand my point? Can you?

     At any rate, enjoy your holidays, gang. (And that ain’t bullshit, either!!)


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