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Maybe I should refrain from using “fuck” for awhile…lol

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     Between the Penn State scandal and Herman Cain‘s inability to keep his mouth (and zipper) shut, should I really  using the word “fuck” right now?

     Oh, FUCK YES, people!!! LMMFAO

     Now that I got the humor (??) out of the way, I can turn to talking about these two matters in a serious manner. Be forewarned, though; I’m not gonna mince words here.

     So let’s begin with the “Manchurian Kingfish”, shall we? (That’s what Herman Cain is to me. Google “Amos and Andy” if you want to know what I mean.) This fucking jive-ass Uncle Tom is further proof, ladies and gentlemen, that the Republican Party is doomed to extinction. First the tea-bagging fascists, and now this shitmouth.

     Let’s see now, is it 4 or 5 (or more?) women you’ve harrassed, Kingfish? Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t shoving a woman’s head towards a man’s crotch considered assault in some states? Seriously?? I mean if I did this shit, my ass would be behind bars  by now.

     But the right-wing “media” gives this goddamned Uncle Tom a free pass. Go figure…

     Meanwhile, so-called “mainstream” media felt it fit to destroy Joe Paterno–even though HE wasn’t the one ramming his dick up a 10-year-old’s ass. The moral responsibility from JoePa is sorely lacking, I’ll grant everyone that. But for the Big 10 to take his name off the championship trophy borders on the anal-retentive, don’t you think?

     Don’t get me wrong. Jerry Sandusky is way the fuck past pedophilia; shit, this scumbag deserves lifetime membership in NAMBLA (the National Man-Boy Love Association) to be honest with you. Am I wrong here? They have this abhorrent behavior traced as far back as 1998; now I’m hearing as far as ’96. Holy fucking shit, when does it end?

     And then this piece of octopus shit calls into Brian Williams’ newsmagazine show “Rock Center” the other night…and ALL BUT FUCKING CONFESSES he likes young boys!! Ah, but this is the appetizer, boys and girls…

     Because in this corner, we have this pussy Mike McCreary. Here this goddamned turdburglar watches Sandusky rape a 10-year-old up the ass (in ’02)…and instead of calling Child Protective Services (let alone the State College [PA] or PSU campus police), he calls his DADDY?? And then…JoePa??

     Now he runs around saying “no, I stopped it”. All right, pussy, which is the lie? That you watched it, or stopped it? Did you lie to the grand jury in ’02, or are you lying now?

     Pursuit of the almighty dollar by the NCAA. THAT’S why this happened. A coverup of the highest order to protect a NAMBLA candidate, and a (once) highly respected football coach loses that respect with America…not to mention the Penn State community.


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