“Occupy WordPress”, perhaps?

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     Holy shit, it has been awhile since I wrote on this particular blog, hasn’t it? LMMFAO

     Seriously, though, I just hadn’t gotten around to finding a topic worth writing about. But events this week changed all that…and they both tie into this rant I have today.

     Ladies and gentlemen, this country is F-U-C-K-E-D U-P!! Plain and simple.

     So where do I begin? Okay, how about the fact we won’t hear “Are You Ready for Some Football??” any more?

     Full disclosure: I’d gladly go to a Hank Williams Jr. concert any time…simply because the man don’t give a shit what anyone thinks of him. Having said that, comparing Barry Obama and John Boehner on the golf course to having Hitler and the PM of Israel taking (golf) swings together is going a tad too far. (Saying it on Fox News, was his second mistake.)

     Then again, you have to remember Bocephus showed up at a McCain rally in ’08 (in Hampton, VA)–so his political bent AIN’T A FUCKING SECRET, people!! Still, for ESPN to yank the opening (permanently, as we know now) smacks of political correctness run amok.

     Which brings us to the “Occupy (fill in the blank)” movement taking hold across America. Truth be told, it’s the tea-bagging fascist movement ass-backwards. And yet, I understand their intent. Remember, Georgie Bush Junior let Lehman Brothers/Wachovia/GM/Chrysler/Merrill Lynch/Bank of America/etc. go belly-up (or damn near, in some cases)…and then decided to bail all of these scumbags out.

     And in 3 years, Barry Obama never HAS done a fucking thing to change that attitude. Credit card reform? Fuck you, Barry!!! When I have to get extra money out at the end of the month, B of A slaps a fucking $11.50 fee for using my card at my local bank’s ATM machine. (My bank ISN’T Bank of America, btw.) Now of course, B of A is in the news for stiffing their customers who use debit cards by slapping a $5 fee/month charge regardless of how many times they use the card. Assholes.

     (Wonder what Citibank–who issue my Sears Mastercard–is gonna charge me for using their card to get money out?? Fucking shitmeisters…)

     At any rate, I fully get what these Occupy people are doing. PEACEFUL gatherings in New York City (and D.C.), to rail against Wall Street and the federal government…and politicians. But am I really part of “the 99 percent”?

     (I know I’m not the 1 percent, that’s for fucking sure. I get a SSI check at the 1st of the month.)

     Like I said at the start of this entry, we’re fucked as a nation/society/culture. Makes me wonder why CNN won’t pull out from their archives a piece (back in ’97, I believe) Bruce Morton did that talked about the loss of civility in America. They need to update the fucker, to be honest.

     A LOT!!

     Oh, one final thing. If any of you are buying this bullshit about Sarah Palin dropping out of the GOP presidential race…you’re BIGGER fucking morons than I already think you are. The tea-baggers want to mount a third-party challenge (which’ll insure Barry Obama 4 more years), and she’s it.

     I finally figured out why this cunt scares America (and me). Take the glasses off her, and who does she look like? Dawn Wells. That’s right, kiddies, Mary Ann from “Gilligan’s Island”. Think I bullshit? Compare ’em next time the castaways are on TV.

     You’ll see I’m RIGHT. Man, that’s a fucking frightening thought…ain’t it?


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