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Can we say “pain in the fucking ass”, everybody?

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     I don’t know which is worse…putting somebody in the hospital, or waiting on them to come home?

     Where do I begin?

     For the past 2 weeks, my mom’s been @ the University of Virginia Medical Center recovering from heart surgery. Actually, the surgery–to replace an aortic valve and 1 or 2 clogged arteries–was on the 2nd of September. So from a physical standpoint, she’s fine.


     She still needs to do physical therapy (to strengthen the muscles around her heart), hopefully @ our local hospital here in Luray, VA. Before that happens, the people @ UVA have to make sure she’s up to the ride over there.

     THAT’S where the fucking aggravation has kicked in. It should’ve been a week ago tomorrow. As of my writing this (almost 5:30 p.m. Eastern time, September 12th), she’s now back in her room.

     And there’s no telling when they’ll release her. One motherfucking setback after another…

     (Lucky for me I paid my cell phone bill today. Text messages from family keep me informed…but at $.20/message, it’s a miracle I can afford to pay the bill.)

     If this is a sneak preview of ObamaCare, why don’t we just go ahead and build a scale model of Auschwitz/Dachau/Buchenwald and march everybody into the fucking ovens? Don’t make a shit whether it’s Barry Obama or the fucking tea-bagging fascists controlling the House of Representatives; it’s the same fucking thing…kill all the old people.

     Think I’m making this shit up? Talk to me when YOUR loved one(s) are sitting in a hospital, cocksuckers!!

     I better stop now; I’m getting pissed off all over again…


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