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“Quakicane Week” is almost over…lol

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     If it’s not one fucking natural disaster, it’s another. First I live through an earthquake (which they hadn’t seen in Virginia since…1897??) and now the remnants of Hurricane Irene will show up here in the Shenandoah Valley sometime tomorrow (Saturday) night.

     First, the earthquake…

     So here I was Tuesday afternoon, watching TV, when all of a sudden the floor starts vibrating…and my computer desk starts swaying from side to side. (Thankfully I wasn’t online.) After about 20 seconds or so, it stops. A minute after that, I finally decide to go outside.

     After my next door neighbor and me exchange looks over just what the fuck just happened, I go back in and find out (on the TV) an earthquake struck in Mineral, VA–40 miles ENE of Charlottesville, and 50 miles NNW of Richmond. Lucky for us, the Blue Ridge Mountains served as a sort of buffer to lessen the severity westward.

     Still, they felt rumblings in Chicago…and Halifax, Nova Scotia. Must’ve been quite a shock (no pun intended…LMAO) to them Canadians, I reckon.

     We can laugh now (3 days after the fact), but it goes to show you we here on the East Coast shouldn’t take things for granted. Which brings us to…the hurricane.

     It ain’t Katrina, but it might be pretty damn close. At any rate, I’m glad I don’t hit the ‘puter on Saturdays.

     (Oh, the title of this piece? From a text message my brother sent me this morning…and as his 2nd text message says, “Now where are the horde of locusts??” Me, I’m looking around for a fucking volcano…LMMFAO)


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